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Adam Orth Talks about Adr1ft and the Impact of #DealWithIt Episode

We first heard of Adr1ft back in February this year and by June we knew that the developer was working with Virtual Reality too. The game is being developed by Adam Orth, the guy known for insulting fans who questioned Xbox One’s always online feature back in the days.

You would remember him for the ‘deal with it’ remarks and the #DealWithIt hashtag more, but he is now in the game with an indie studio Three One Zero making this title for Xbox One.

Interestingly, Orth says that the episode at Microsoft has had such a huge impact on him that ‘it permeated [his] entire life so that there was no escaping it.’ Now, the story of Adr1ft is going to incorporate that feeling in terms of ‘action, consequence and redemption.’

While not much is known about the exact story of the game, we know that it is a space adventure where you are the only human confined to the astronaut’s suit in zero gravity. You are going to investigate and explore a ruined space station all alone.

That last part brings in the fact that your loneliness is going to be your enemy among other things in the environment like radiation, space debris and more.

Of course all that requires a lot of study into how things behave and move in space, which is why Orth is making good use of some of his friends at NASA.

There is a paradox in the title too, for Orth, it is freeing and limiting at the same time to be working with the VR on this project. Furthermore, for him the experience is certainly a new one as it is with most space based titles when it comes to level design:

All that little stuff you see floating around, I obsessed over where to put those things. But they float around in space, so it’s very difficult for me compared to doing traditional level design, where you have walls, and places where you can’t go, a floor. It’s a challenge – but it’s a fun challenge.

What do you think about Adr1ft and the idea that Adam Orth is following?