Xbox One October Update Rolling Out, Brings New Snap Features, DLNA/MKV Support and More

The October update for Xbox One has started to roll out and it brings in some exciting new features to the console along with some changes to the existing apps.

The popular “Snap App” has unsurprisingly received a bunch of new updates, as it now allows you to quick access most of the main features while playing the game. Two apps have been optimized for Snap Mode as well:

Friends Snap App – Access your friends list without leaving the game. Quickly check your friends list to see who’s online right now and take actions like send message, invite or join.

Messages Snap App – You’ll be able to open, read and respond to messages in Snap mode, and messages will now be displayed in a threaded conversation view.

Another addition in this update will allow you to share your achievements with a caption, and you will also be able to see which of your friends have unlocked the same achievements.

The friends list has also been revamped a bit, as you will be seeing what games your friends are playing, what is their gamerscore, which games are most popular among them right now and other stuff like that.

Gamerscore leaderboard has also made its way to the Xbox One, which will allow you to compare your score with your friends over the period of one month.

Media app for the console has been updated as well, as it now allows you to play DLNA and MKV formats. Moreover, a new mini-guide has been added which will share information about the show that you are watching on TV.

Apart from the aforementioned changes, October update has brought in some other features to the Xbox One as well; check them all out in the above video or Major Nelson’s blog.