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Warframe Dev Digital Extremes Sells Majority Stock To Food Company

Developer Digital Extremes, primarily known for their work on Warframe, have officially sold 61% of its stock. It earlier made headlines when the main buyer was stated to be Chinese agricultural company, Sumpo Food Holdings, which is indeed the party going away with the majority of shares.

A total of 58% of stock will be going to Sumpo Food Holdings, while a subsidiary of Perfect World will grab another three percent. Perfect World is the company behind such free-to-play titles as Neverwinter and the recent Swordsman Online.

Shares were sold for a total of $73.2 million. A part of the deal will see Perfect World own exclusive publishing rights for Warframe on consoles in China.

This is a potentially lucrative move for Perfect World, as the recent lift on console bans have created a lot of sales for consoles in China. Moreover, the free-to-play market is massive there, recently nearly doubling sales for games like Guild Wars 2 as well.

Warframe is a third-person free-to-play game available for PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4. It features robotic space ninjas with katanas, killing monsters in space. Yes, it does sound awesome.

It also is one of the first titles to concentrate heavily on player versus event (PvE) content, even though it has all the necessary tools to make for an exciting competitive game. Instead, a lot of locations need to be accessed by playing cooperatively with others.

Despite being free, the game did manage to rack up millions in profits. In its last fiscal, Digital Extremes already pulled in $27 million in revenue, which isn’t too bad, considering the game launched in March of 2013.