Unreal Tournament Developer, Digital Extremes Sold to Chinese Companies

I am sure you guys wouldn’t need reminding about Digital Extremes, the studio that has participated in making some really awesome titles like Unreal Tournament, BioShock and now Warframe. News from their headquarters is that the Canadian studio now has a new owner.

According to the announcement made by the company, they have been acquired by two Chinese companies namely Multi Dynamic Games Group Inc. (a subsidiary of Sumpo Food Holdings Limited) and Perfect Online Holding Limited (a subsidiary of Perfect World Co., Ltd.).

The two acquirers have bought off 58 percent and 3 percent shares in Digital Extremes respectively making their total a majority holding of 61 percent.

The first reaction that we saw from most of the Warframe fans was disappointment. Naturally, one would expect things to change when a new owner takes over the development studio of a previous project. However the developers are confident.

James Schmalz who is the chief executive officer of Digital Extremes stated today that their new owners were really akin to their ideology of gaming as well as their approach. Not only that, he also reassured the Warframe fans that this takeover didn’t mean the future of the game was in jeopardy:

We are thrilled with the potential to work with partners who share our philosophy on the future of gaming and how we’re approaching it. This partnership will further empower us to continue making Warframe bigger and better with full control over its destiny.

Last but not the least, when the deal is closed it will also grant Perfect Online Holding Limited the exclusive publishing rights of Warframe on all the consoles in Mainland China.

How do you think this will affect Warframe and the future games that Digital Extremes is going to make?