Rebel Galaxy Trailer Gives You a Glimpse at What’s Coming

Former Runic Games co-founders revealed their new title Rebel Galaxy just a few days ago and now they have given us our first look at the gameplay with a trailer.

In Rebel Galaxy, you will be a commander of a powerful star destroyer and you will come across different types of enemies that will range from pirates to aliens. Since you will be in space, you will need to explore, find new artifacts, mine steroids and befriend some of the aliens.

The developers want you to explore and think of the title as an adventure, in which there will be some unexpected confrontations, but your reward will be as big as the fight. There will be multiple ways to play this game and developers will reveal more about them in the coming months.

Past record of the developers is pretty solid and those of you who crave for some space action should keep an eye out for this new title.

Rebel Galaxy will see the light of day sometime next year on PlayStation 4 and PC. There is a possibility of the game releasing on Xbox One, but it isn’t certain yet.

What do you think of the trailer of the upcoming space title? Are you looking forward to it?