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PSN EU Glitch Lets You Have Minecraft For Free on PS3, Vita and For PS4 as Well

If you don’t yet own Minecraft on your Playstation platforms then you can benefit from this glitch and download the game free of charge from the EU version of Playstation Store.

Following a few steps you can easily download the full versions of this highly popular game. For now this exploit works but it is just a matter of time before Sony takes notice and fixes it. Keep in mind that it is a possibility that you might get in trouble in some way for purposely benefiting from this glitch.

First thing you must do in order to get Minecraft for free, is create a PSN EU account if you don’t have one or if you are outside the region.

Note: Use your PC to access

Secondly, Access the PSN Store and search for the PS3 version of the game and get its demo which is available for free.

Now, you must search for the PS Vita version of the game and do the same, get the demo of Minecraft.

Players should now go back to the PS3 version of Minecraft and add the full version of the game to their cart. If the glitch still works, the game will now appear as free and once you redeem that, the PS Vita version should now also show up as free.

After these steps, for some users the PS4 version of Minecraft might show up as free and for some it might be available available at a reduced price of EUR 3.99.