Minecraft PS Vita Edition Gets Bug and Transfer Crash Fixes in Update 1.01

While it is true that Minecraft PS Vita version was released only a day or two ago, the developers have already released a patch fixing some of the reported bugs that the game was facing – because they are good like that.

Talking of bugs, the issue on top of the pile was when the game crashed for some people when they tried to download a save transfer to the game through a memory card.

Developer 4J Studios tweeted couple of hours ago that they were rolling out the Update 1.01 to Minecraft PS Vita version in Europe now. They also provided the list of changes that have been made to the game on the official Minecraft forums.

For those who are interested, here’s a rundown on everything that has changed:

  • Fixed a hang when accepting a game invite while in a game.
  • Fixed ‘Can Build and Mine’ option in Host Options Menu not functioning properly in a Creative Mode game.
  • Fixed a crash when attempting to download a save transfer when the memory card was full.
  • Fixed issues with attempting to buy DLC when in Ad Hoc network mode.
  • Fixed a hang when selecting “Exit and Save” with a trial texture pack.
  • Added Turkish manual.

All this is pretty cool, but Minecraft PS Vita version released in Europe yesterday i.e. October 15 and in North America a day before that. Still, the update was released in Europe alone while the fans in US were kept waiting. Who wants to guess why?

Anyhow, it is expected that the update will be rolled out soon in North America as well.

Have you played Minecraft PS Vita version? Did you face any bugs other than the ones listed above?