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Lords of the Fallen Main Campaign is 13 to 15 Hours Long

While some regard it as a mere Dark Souls clone, others believe it is much more than just that. Whatever the case is, Lords of the Fallen has caught the attention of quite a few of the hack and slash genre fans.

So we thought it would be important for you to know how lengthy the game really is.

Tomasz Gop the executive producer for the game at Deck13 Interactive was recently asked the same in an interview. According to him, the main story of the game is going to take you somewhere between 13 to 15 hours.

Of course that only takes care of the primary story of the game which according to Gop is only 30 percent of the total content of Lords of the Fallen.

People who want to discover the complete world, unravel everything that the game has to offer and build their character to the fullest will have to play it for much longer than that.

A rough estimate of time that a completionist would require with the game would be above 50 hours.

He also discussed the possibilities of a sequel to the game and said that they already had a number of changes in their mind that they would like to implement. The ideas that they already have for the would-be sequel also include some relating to multiplayer mode.

The sequel however depends completely on the rate of success of Lords of the Fallen. Same is the case with any expected DLC for the game, if everything goes great you might get some new chapters a couple of months after the game releases.

Lords of the Fallen is being developed for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and it will be released in the North American region on October 28. The European release of the game is slated for October 31.