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LEGO Games Have Sold Over 100M Units in Total, Generated $2B In Revenue

Few years ago Warner Bros. came across an idea of making LEGO games which has so far generated them more than 2B dollars in revenue. Popularity of these games is on the rise and each game is more anticipated than its predecessors.

The news of this impressive achievement of WB came through CEO Kevin Tsujihara during his shareholder call in which he also shared some details regarding his plans for WB games next year.

Ben Fitz who is a wall street journal writer tweeted the news while listening into the details.

Not many game franchises have sold more than 100 million units. Need for Speed, Mario, Fifa and Grand Theft Auto are among the games that have crossed that mark so this is a notable achievement for the company.

Games have become an integral part of Warner Bros over the years and they plan to keep on making some high quality products for us all. And in doing so, the company is expecting to make a profit of $1.5 billion in 2015 just from their video game business according to the CEO.

The upcoming LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham is also expected to do well when it comes out in November for all major platforms.