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Kerbal Space Program Will Go into Beta after Next Major Update

Have you been keeping an eye out for Kerbal Space Program and everything that the developers have managed in the game so far? Well, we have good news on that front. Squad has announced that the next update to the game will put it in the beta phase.

In a detailed post made on the official forums, developers have said that they are calling it a Beta phase for want of a better term. Also, once the beta kicks in, they will be focusing on other things apart from the huge frameworks that usually take up months on months. What they will focus on includes new content, stability, performance and more:

We’ll be focusing on creating content, on using the tools we’ve built. It means a different approach to selecting which features go in, since we won’t be constrained by the development constraints of one feature requiring another.

Priorities should level out, which means the things we consider important should also match what everyone considers important. Beta essentially means we’ll be working a lot more on stability, usability, performance, balance, aesthetics, all the while still throwing in little and some not-so-little things we hope you will enjoy.

They did agree that there are areas in Kerbal Space Program that need more content and it was high time they worked on it. Among the list of new changes to the game you should expect at least two things; overhauled aerodynamics and deep space refueling.

After they are done with the changes, you will have a more predictable, reliable and ‘less arcane’ aerodynamics system. As far as the deep space fueling is concerned, they are attempting at simplifying the resource system. Their changes to the system would hopefully give a less complex and fun gameplay element in return.

What other changes do you wish to see in Kerbal Space Program?