Infinite Crisis Dev Turbine Suffers Layoffs, Warner Bros Copy-Pastes Statement

Developer Turbine has suffered an unspecified amount of layoffs. Publisher Warner Bros has come out with a statement on the matter:

As part of our normal business process, we’re routinely looking at the strategic alignment of our company. Unfortunately, in order for us to invest in growth areas at Turbine, we have to eliminate some positions. These are always tough decisions, which we don’t approach lightly, but it’s crucial that Turbine is structured in a way that reflects the current and coming marketplace.

To put this into perspective, noted that this is the same message, verbatim, that Warner Bros had put out earlier this year. Turbine also suffered losses in February.

It’s sort of baffling that a company can be detached to this level on a decision that affects people’s lives. While it’s understandable that businesses need to do their best to dam in any scruples upon a negative development, it’s doubtful that such a copy-paste job is the way to give out that message.

Turbine is known for their work on Dungeons & Dragons Online, as well as Lord of the Rings Online. Both those games were pioneers in showing the success of transitioning a massively multiplayer online (MMO) game to a free-to-play model.

Recently, the company has been working on arena game Infinite Crisis. It’s also free-to-play and uses the DC Comics license to provide a selection of heroes and villains, such as Batman or The Joker.

Turbine was purchased by Warner Bros in 2010. They also manage the MMO Asheron’s Call.

Thanks, Joystiq.