Halo: The Master Chief Collection Video Reveals Campaign Leaderboards

Halo: The Master Chief Collection has received a new video in which 343 Industries’ senior designer, Max Szlagor showcases some new features to attract you back into the franchise.

First, he discusses the 402 achievements, as he mentions that in-game menu will guide you on how and where to complete each one of them, you won’t have to leave the game to get more information.

Furthermore, each level of all playable Halo games will have leaderboards, giving you a look at the time, score, kills and multiplier of your friends who have already gone through the mission.

In the same leaderboard, you will be able to mark one of your friends as rival, and then your performance will be directly compared to him/her.

The HUDs are also enabled in every game, giving you a constant look at your performance in each mission. This will help you in getting better results compared to your set rival.

Killing streaks will increase the multiplier, which in return will increase the rate of score, giving you a chance to do better than any of your friends.

The above video also showcases some footage from Halo 4, which looks quite impressive to say the least. Halo: The Master Chief Collection is set to launch on November 11 exclusively for Xbox One.

What do you think about leaderboards inclusion in the campaigns?