GTA5 PlayStation 4 Gets Black & Glacier White Bundles in France

It seems like Sony has made certain that they want two things: firstly, they want to benefit from the launch of GTA5 PlayStation 4 version as much as they can, and secondly that they have sold a lot of the black consoles which is why they want to dilute the ratio with the Glacier White edition of the console.

They are all set to achieve the two things simultaneously because the company has announced two bundles for the insanely popular title by Rockstar. One of the bundles comes with the game and a standard black PS4 while the other comes packing a copy of the game alongside the lesser known Glacier White console.

We picked up the news from the official Twitter profile of PlayStation France. Do you think the same bundles will also get released in other territories?

The first time we heard of the Glacier White PlayStation 4 it was when Sony announced two bundles for DriveClub. One of them brought you a black PlayStation 4 bundled with the game while the other had the Glacier White PlayStation 4.

That offer was followed by a standalone version of the Glacier White PlayStation 4 that was first sighted at Amazon and got officially confirmed by Sony couple of days ago.

Now, the GTA5 PlayStation 4 bundles are going to make it the third time that the Glacier White PlayStation 4 console is being put upon sale.

GTA5 PlayStation 4 version is slated to go live alongside the Xbox One version of the game on November 18 which means you have a little over a month to preorder either one of the bundles.

Also, the PC iteration o the title is planned to or release on January 27, but would you wait that long?