Four Potential The Sims 4 Expansion Packs Revealed in an EA Survey

Have you exhausted every possible activity in the latest The Sims title? How about some new The Sims 4 expansions? Now I am not saying anything has been confirmed but Electronic Arts has been discussing possibilities with fans through a survey.

Some of the various options that were discussed in the survey include a Business Owner Expansion Pack, a Town Life Expansion Pack, Fame and Fortune Expansion Pack and an Active Career Expansion Pack.

In the last one you can literally control each and everything that your Sim does at the job he/ she holds. You could choose for her to become a detective, architect, scientist, doctor, personal stylist and many more. Whatever career you choose you would get to control everything the job includes.

The Fame and Fortune Expansion Pack would let you become a celebrity, escape the paparazzi, build a career in any of the different fields relating to media and glamour and last but not the least, go to Hollywood parties!

Town Life Expansion Pack would get you some new venues and community events; the chance to be the Mayor and then to decorate and customize the town.

Lastly, the Business Owner Pack would make your Sim the owner of one of many different businesses; art galleries, bakery, café, and boutique – you name it. Of course it would come with all the jobs that you would do if you were to run a business.

Among the other ideas that the survey discusses in regards to the proposed The Sims 4 expansion packs, the developers also asked for opinions about a Supernatural element with vampires, supernatural friends and elementals.

The complete Survey can be read here. Which ones form these would you love to see in The Sims 4 expansion packs in the future?