Fable Legends Beta Invites Being Rolled Out Today, Check Your Emails

The signup process for the upcoming closed beta of Fable Legends started just a few days ago and today, via twitter, Lionhead Studios has revealed that the selected candidates will be sent an invite by the end of the day.



The developers noted on their website that this small scale beta is being held, so that they can identify bugs, glitches and crashes before the game becomes available for more players.

We’re inviting fans to help test the game as early in the development process as possible; not only do we want your help with identifying bugs, glitches and crashes, we also want to hear your ideas, feedback and suggestions!

Those of you who will not get invited today, will have nothing to worry about as Lionhead promises that there will be a lot more beta tests headed your way in the coming months.

In Fable Legends, all the control will be in the hands of five players, four of whom will join forces and take on enemies that will be arranged by the fifth player who will play the villain part.

Since the beta of Fable Legends is getting underway, we can expect the full game to release by the end of next year.

What do you think of this co-op approach taken by Lionhead Studios for their new game? Are you excited about it?