ESA, Hosts OF E3, Speaks On GamerGate

Those of you who read about games online have undoubtedly heard about GamerGate about now. You’d need to be living somewhere without any access to any media whatsoever not to have seen the hashtag and subsequent movement pass by.

Since the topic is growing still, more people have been weighing in. This time, The Washington Post received a quote from the Entertainment Software Association or ESA, one of the largest groups in the industry, stating:

Threats of violence and harassment are wrong. They have to stop. There is no place in the video game community—or our society—for personal attacks and threats.

Given the slight ambiguity in the quote, if seen without its context, the publication’s editor confirmed on Twitter that these thoughts were directed at the GamerGate movement.

The ESA is a group most known for putting up the Electronic Entertainment Expo, commonly known as E3. It’s also a lobby group that has had its hands in some controversies regarding bills against video games.

Furthermore, the ESA can represent, in its extent, several other game companies under its wings. Therefore, the statement can tie back to big names like Electronic Arts and Ubisoft, but also studios like Deep Silver, Sega or Square Enix.

Since it came into existence, GameGate has been linked to several attacks on industry people and it has periodically been branded as misogynist. Reported victims include Anita Sarkeesian of the Tropes vs Women in Video Games series, Developer Brianna Wu and writer Jenn Frank.

GamerGate itself identifies most with an ideology vying for better game journalism, whether it’s by squashing perceived corruption or desiring higher standards of ethical behavior. There are several ideas branching off it as well, such as preventing writers to support funding projects and so on.

Actor Adam Baldwin, known for a role on sitcom Chuck as Agent John Casey, has been a vocal supporter of the GamerGate movement.