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Dota 2 Match Fixing Scandal – 6 Players Resign

Six professional players of MOBA game DOTA 2 have admitted their involvement in match fixing and resigned from their positions. These players were part of MSI and Mineski teams and all have voluntarily come forward to accept their involvement in match fixing.

Last month a match between MSI and Mineski was allegedly rigged in order for players to win on betting websites. After the scandal broke, EvoGT Management, Mski-Dota team management and News/Editorial Team along with MET starting an investigation after which these players came forward.

The following players have admitted to their involvement according to


  • Mark Anthony ‘Jacko’ Soriano
  • Richard ‘Paseo’ Minowa


  • Carlo ‘Chin’ Rivera
  • Mark ‘Byb’ Gavin
  • Denver ‘yNd’ Miranda
  • Patrick ‘JyC’ Pascua

Dota 2 players bet digital items in order to win more items which then can be sold on trading groups and sites for real money.

MyDOTA2community founder Michael Vincent Vallejos is also believed to be involved. One of the teams (MSI) allegedly asked Vincent for P40000 ($891) to fix the match.

So far, there are only three matches confirmed to be rigged and all three of them were StarLadder matches, having no influence on the tournament’s outcome. How many matches in total have been fixed in not known at the moment but investigators are trying to figure it out. Also, two of the six suspended players are still under investigation.

We will update you as soon as the story develops further. Feel free to let us know what you think of Dota 2 rigging in the comments below!