Destiny Hidden Coins Locations Guide – How To Find

Destiny has 7 hidden coins, although the total number is not confirmed, but it is assumed that there are only seven. Furthermore, it is unclear why these coins are hidden inside the game by designers.

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Destiny Hidden Coins Locations

Players are not able to collect these coins so their purpose is a mystery itself until EA or bundie reveal the reason behind the existence of these coins within Destiny.

Still, if you are interested in finding out where they, the following guide will help you out. I must say these coins are very well hidden; some of them are hiding in plain sight but still hard to see.

Hidden Coin #1
Location: You will see a large tree next to the gunsmith, first coin is hidden on one of the branches of this large tree.

Hidden Coin #2
Location: From spawn point, facing the tower there are 4 pillars with red flags on them, the second coin is placed in the third flower spot from the left.

Hidden Coin #3
Location: The third coin is in the Hall of Guardians, You will see a robot on a desk to the right, go past him close to the huge window beneath the main plaza, the coin can be seen in the corner of the window.

Hidden Coin #4
Location: The fourth coin can be found on the speaker’s desk in the north tower.

Hidden Coin #5
Location: This one can also be found in the north tower. Go past the map robot and you will see a desk with stacked canisters. There will be a pillar next to it, climb on the desk and jump in the air, the coin is placed on the pillar.

Hidden Coin #6
Location: There are some stacked crates placed on a balcony above the plaza, on the left side of the ghost. The coin is placed on the edge of one of these crates.

Hidden Coin #7
Location: Enter the tower hanger, go down stairs to right of dead orbit. You will see a table and around it, 3 empty chairs. The last coin in sitting on top of the table.

If you still can’t find the coins. Check out a video walkthrough here.