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Ultra Street Fighter IV Patch 1.03 Arrives Today, Details Inside

Patch 1.03 of Ultra Street Fighter IV will go live sometime today, and it will bring several new changes to the game and will fix some issues that were bothering the players.

Major addition made to the game with this update is the inclusion of a delayed standing option in Training Mode, which will allow players to use different moves on opponents while they’re standing.

Furthermore, some adjustments have been made to the game as well to ensure that the inconsistencies are removed. The patch also tweaks some moves of the fighters to make them easier to play.

The PC version of Ultra Street Fighter IV is not working as perfectly as it should when it comes to online play, which is why this new update will bring three new changes that Capcom claims should improve the users’ experience. These changes are as follows:

Change in Endless Battle – Users will not be able to join the game if the host is currently in a fight. Only once the fight ends and both the host and guest are returned to the lobby can they receive requests for other matches. This will prevent users from pinging the host during their matches.

The number of open connections the user can upkeep after canceling his game search has been reduced; thereby reducing the number of players pinged.

The acceptable input delay limit has been increased from 15 frames to 35 frames, so now even with terrible latency issues, users should experience what feels like an input delay instead of lag or random disconnects.

You can catch the full changelog of Ultra Street Fighter IV patch 1.03 right here.