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No Respawns in Rainbow Six Siege Ensure Lethality, Tension: Ubisoft

Looking at how many of the famed multiplayer shooter franchises are built up, I am sure most of you would be pretty used to the respawn feature. Ubisoft is using just that to cash in on their claim that Rainbow Six Siege is going to be different.

The game is not going to have any respawns, and the developer has decided to share why.

In a post on their newly launched developer blog, they laid forward the environment in which the game is going to play out which really resemble the 1998 classic. While saying that they wanted the same feeling from their upcoming title, they said about the original Rainbow Six:

It popularized a new type of shooter where planning and tactics mattered, in an era dominated by over-the-top guns-blazing titles like DOOM and Quake. It was a heart-pounding experience through every mission, and we wanted to revive that lethality and tension within Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege.

Ultimately, we decided that the best way to accomplish this was to bring back the No Respawn rule and implement it in such a way that we like to refer to as One Life around the studio.

They said that while you only have one life, the character is going to be able to help the teammates in other fields like teamwork, tension and tactics – and not just focus on their own twitch reflexes.

After getting killed you remain a part of the game and help securing a victory by using your skills relating to planning, communications, map awareness, teamwork, leadership and adaptability.

As an evidence of how it impacts the game positively, the post detailed how One Life reduced trash talk and promoted collaboration. How it made them focus on thinking, playing tactically and on considering the consequences of their actions – something usual FPS players do a lot less these days.

So, what do you think about the line that Ubisoft is following with Tom Clancy’s: Rainbow Six Siege? Do you like it or not? Share your opinions below.