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Rebel Galaxy is a Sci-Fi RPG from Makers of Diablo and Torchlight

The guys who gave you Diablo and Torchlight are now taking you to the edge of space itself! Veterans of Blizzard and Runic Games, Travis Baldree and Eric Schaefer have revealed Double Damage Games, their new studio as well as Rebel Galaxy, their first project in the new studio!

The edge of everything is dangerous territory. Are you a cunning pirate? A cold-hearted mercenary? A shrewd trader? A scoundrel with a heart of gold? Maybe all of the above? One thing’s for damn sure. You’re going to find out.

According to what the developers have shared regarding the game so far, it is going to be a gigantic sci-fi role playing space sandbox game where tons of space ships and NPCs, and numerous randomly generated galaxies are going to be just another thing in your day.

You have the choice to take up the role of a fighter who jumps into multiple ship battles, forges alliances and do what you need to in order to survive the space life. Or you could be a diplomat who churns his way through dialogues and tricks of negotiation.

You could go and earn a living by stealing or scavenging and you might take up the task of trading. All the while you will be exploring the expansive world and spaceships in Rebel Galaxy. The makers are calling it a ‘swashbuckling space adventure,’ it is going to be larger than just a shooter and not a classic strategy game as well.

Rebel Galaxy is showing a lot of potential even from the first details that the developers have shared with us. Check out the official website and tell us what you think.