Portable PlayStation 4, Dubbed Playbook 4, Can be Yours for $1,400

You might remember Ed Zarick and his work on creating a portable Xbox One console. Creating a custom case that comes with its own screen, he switched the insides with that of Microsoft’s console. Thus creating a portable version of the console.

Zarick has now gone ahead to do the same with the PlayStation 4. Dubbed as the Playbook 4, you can have your very own unit if you’re willing to shill out $1400. Add to that an extra $50 for an HDMI cable, along with $75 for US ground shipping. On the other hand, if you’re able to supply your own PS4 components, then you can get the Playbook 4 made for just over $1000.

It already has garnered a lot of attention and demands are pouring in. In fact if you’re interested in one, you’ll need to make an advance payment of $750 just to be in the queue.

The Playbook 4 comes with a 22-inch screen that is capable of 1080p resolution. The entire gizmo has a single cord for easy connecting. Bulky as it is, it still looks like a pretty awesome way to arrive at a friend’s party.

You might want to ponder over whether you want that new gaming laptop or this portable version of the PlayStation 4, which is around $100 less than the Xbox One variant.