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PlayStation 4 to Enter eSports Arena With The PlayStation League

eSports has always been a big part of gaming and its significance is increasing day by day. Due to this reason, Sony has decided to become a part of it as well, with the reveal of their own eSports Platform called Liga Official PlayStation (Official PlayStation League) for PlayStation 4.

The PlayStation League will be free for the users of PlayStation Plus and they will be able to play the games like Battlefield 4, FIFA 15 and Call of Duty: Ghosts.

However, Sony doesn’t want to stop here as they have promised to include more games to this league as time goes on, so that eSports can become a regular thing on their new gen platform.

Matchmaking during the included titles will be done on the basis of your history, so that you don’t feel over or underwhelmed in the game.

The PlayStation League is going to begin tomorrow in Spain and it will soon be expanded to Italy and Portugal. After some time, all other countries in European region will be able to enjoy this newly revealed eSports league on their PS4.

Sony has not yet revealed whether eSports will be making its way to other regions or not, but with the project of this scale, you can expect it to be released worldwide sooner or later.