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Nintendo 3DS Sales Pick Up With Monster Hunter 4G Release In Japan

Nintendo released a couple of new 3DS bundles last weekend and according to a report on Famitsu, their sales have been impressive as estimated total of 233,483 units were sold in just two days.

One of these new bundles is called N3DS that got face plates, while the other one is named N3DS LL which comes with a new game Monster Hunter 4G. N3DS contributed in the large figure with 61,141 units, whereas 172,332 units of N3DS LL were sold over the weekend.

Most of the success of 3DS handheld last weekend was due to the inclusion of Monster Hunter 4G, the franchise which is loved by a lot of players in Japan.

The same report also mentions the sales of newly released title MH4G, which sold almost 1,617,949 copies in just two days of its release. However, it didn’t manage to beat Monster Hunter 4 which sold 1,875,000 copies in the same amount of time.

Both Capcom and Nintendo will be extremely delighted to see this report as the platform and newly released title is doing great in the market.

We will find out if Monster Hunter 4G manages to make the same kind of impact in other regions when it releases in the first quarter of next year.

What do you think of this report? Are you looking forward to play MH4G?

Source: Famitsu