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GTA V Online Gets New Verified Jobs and They Want you to Fly

Rockstar Games has released the latest batch of jobs for GTA V Online, which takes you high in the skies. These particular set of jobs are targeted for the players who love to fly aircrafts and helicopters.

You will be able to race against other players in these ten new jobs, but each race will have its own unique type of gameplay. Five of the ten selected jobs belong to the winners of Flight Schools Creator Competition; their names are listed as follows:

  • Deadalus
  • Heli Low Fly Zone
  • Dusk
  • Pylon Slalom
  • Sprunk Air Race #1

Other five jobs are also created by the participants of the same competition, but these five jobs were the runner-ups. Their names are listed below:

  • After School
  • Chopper Bombing
  • Chopper Killer
  • SA Flight School: Racing
  • The Flyby

The five winners mentioned above will be given 1 million in-game cash and an aviator custom license plate. On the other hand, runners-up will get a “Rockstar Verified treatment”,¬†which will allow them to play GTA V Online across all platforms.

Rockstar has been beefing up the game with free content on regular basis; however, the heists which were promised upon release are still missing. Hopefully, developers will also release them for GTA V Online soon.