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DriveClub Still Fumbling, Many Players Waiting to go Online

It has been a while since the developers of DriveClub have been fighting a bucketful of issues that their racing title is facing. The worst has been the connectivity issues that didn’t allow tons of players to go online.

Recently, the developers took to the official Facebook page of the game to update the fans on their progress regarding the fixes. Although they confirmed some more successful updates, the real problem is still there:

After more successful upgrades and updates to the servers today, performance continues to improve and more of you will be able to play online together. We’re still working, and will be around the clock, to keep improving social connectivity and online play, and we are pleased to say we have also added in friendly leaderboards now. We will have info about more updates to the game and the servers soon.

In the end they asked the fans to share more feedback on the game and guess what, a lot of the fans who were suffering responded.

Many said that they were disappointed in the way things were going; and why not. After all, everyone has paid for the online feature of the game as well, which they have not been able to get their hands on even now.

Add that to the multiple delays that DriveClub had hit on its way to the finish line and you will see that the final picture is certainly not the one Evolution Studios would have wanted.

DriveClub was released as a PlayStation 4 exclusive one week ago on October 7.