Civilization: Beyond Earth Opening Cinematic Takes You to the New World

2K Games has released the opening cinematic of Civilization: Beyond Earth, which shows that the Earth is in turmoil and to survive, people will need to be taken to a new frontier, where they will be tasked to colonize yet again.

The latest entry in the franchise leaves everything behind from the previous games in terms of the area and terrain, however, the gameplay almost stays the same with some minor changes here and there.

Developers have noted before that Civilization: Beyond Earth is not for the players who are short on time because it requires your constant attention to each and every aspect of your area and if you ignore it for too long, then the results aren’t going to be pleasant.

As soon as you start, you will need to go out and explore the new alien planets and find different resources available to survive and build up your own culture and community.

The terrains that you have got accustomed to in previous entries will not be present in the game and you will need to learn about new ones in the slow building process.

The wait is almost over for the series’ fans as Civilization: Beyond Earth is going to release in just over a couple of weeks on October 24, exclusively for PC.