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Chuck’s Challenge 3D To Get Big Flummery Update

PC puzzle game, Chuck’s Challenge 3D, will receive a sizable upgrade on October 20, called the Flummery update. It will be free of charge for those who own the game.

Chuck’s Challenge 3D is the successor to an old puzzle title, Chip’s Challenge. It came out 25 years ago, which makes the franchise technically a quarter of a century old. It launched for Atari Lynx, so don’t beat yourself up if you missed it.

Gameplay is seen in an isometric view, where players are tasked with solving puzzles to get a character to the exit. Chuck’s Challenge 3D has well over a hundred levels to complete, as well as the possibility for players to make their own challenges.

With the Flummery update, 25 levels will be added to the regular roster, which are said to be tougher. Moreover, Steam Workshop will allow for easier sharing of custom content.

Additionally, the Flummery update will add three tracks to listen to while playing, as well as two hats to wear once the new content is completed. Finally, seven new objects and five more pets will be thrown in as well.

While the classic release only had 32 by 32 tiles for its game maps, Chuck’s Challenge 3D  can go up to 100.

Chuck’s Challenge 3D was the first release from publisher Nkidu Games. It has since also helped Full Bore make it to Steam and supported the interesting team survival game, The Red Solstice, currently on Early Access.