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BAFTA Crew Games Seeks To Help 100 Game Professionals

Organisation BAFTA, which stands for British Academy of Film and Television Arts, has unveiled a new program it wants to launch, called BAFTA Crew Games. This initiative wants to give some game industry professionals that are starting off a helping hand, by providing them with some exclusive resources.

BAFTA Crew Games will be able to sign up 100 people. Its qualifier is that those participating need a minimum of two years of experience in the field, as well as being active in the UK.

Those who will be selected will be able to attend four live masterclasses that will be hosted by gaming professionals. Four similar livestreams will be a part of the BAFTA Crew Games package as well and the whole will come in downloadable podcasts afterwards.

These classes and interactions will discuss a variety of topics, such as narrative, game design, music and so on.

Moreover, the program allows participants to network with said professionals at events such as these. Participants will also come into contact with professionals from other fields, such as scientists and researchers.

Professionals will be chosen from previous BAFTA winning and nominated figures. Past speakers include Beyond: Two Souls‘ David Cage, Tomb Raider writer Rhianna Pratchett and Hideo Kojima from the Metal Gear series.

BAFTA Crew Games is a continuation from the organization’s past efforts, which has put up similar programs in the movie and television industry.

Applications for the program are open until November 17, 2014. There is a one-time fee of £15 required.