Watch Dogs Wii U Version will Support Off Screen Play

Developers of Watch Dogs have shed some more light on the Watch Dogs Wii U version detailing some of the exclusive features that the game will have on Nintendo’s console. Apparently, the game is going to make good use of the GamePad and more.

While talking to Nintendo World Report, game producer Florin Sanda off Ubisoft Bucharest has revealed that the game is going to support off screen play as well as bring in an interactive map for the Wii U owners.

According to Sanda, the development studio is trying to bring in all the aspects of the game that were present in the other iteration as well as add some more features that the Wii U will make possible:

Our focus was in re-creating the same experience as on the other platforms, while taking advantage of what the Wii U has to offer.

That being said, Sanda also said that in Watch Dogs, ‘exploration is key’ which is why the interactive map that the Watch Dogs Wii U version has is going to be very useful. It was also shared by the producer that they had been testing various different ideas for the game in the past but for one reason or another, ‘some of them just didn’t work.’

Hey, we are not complaining, as long as you can add enough content to the game to make it more worthwhile than what the Sony and Microsoft fans have found it, we are cool.

Watch Dogs Wii U version is slated for a release on November 18.