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Ubisoft Still Considering Hardcore Mode for Far Cry 4

The possibility of a hardcore mode is still hovering in the air for Far Cry 4.

Speaking with, Creative Director Alex Hutchinson expressed how he would love the opportunity to implement a hardcore mode into the game.

While it still hasn’t been given the green light by Ubisoft and is under consideration, Hutchinson believes that a hardcore mode would open up new aspects in the open-world of Kyrat.

“It’s something I’m really excited about,” he said. “We haven’t got it in production yet, but I really like the idea of a version of the game where everything is deadly; the water is deadly, the air is deadly. But yeah, I’m still trying to hard sell it in the office, so we’ll see if we get progress.”

Back in July, Hutchinson mentioned some earlier ideas they had cooked up for a hardcore mode that would in turn lead to a whole new realm of realism. If the mode does go through, players should expect getting hypothermia in cold water, diseases from animal bites, permanent death, poisonous plants and more.

Far Cry 4 releases next month and so it seems highly improbable for the studio to rush through a hardcore mode in such limited time. However, you can always expect a post-release, similar to how Far Cry 3 got its ability to turn off the game’s HUD for a more cinematic feel.