Standalone Glacier White PlayStation 4 Confirmed! Launches on Oct. 17

The news recently went viral when Amazon had listed the standalone Glacier White PlayStation 4 on sale for a price of £351.86.

That listing had also stated that the console will go on sale from October 17, but obviously we couldn’t reply on just a listing without any official confirmation by the manufacturers themselves.

So here it is, Sony has officially announced and confirmed that the standalone Glacier White PlayStation 4 is actually coming and that the release date posted by Amazon was also real.

However, there is just a slight disparity in the prices quoted by the different sources. While Amazon has listed it for £351.86, Sony has told Eurogamer that their official price for the console is £349.

Other than Amazon, the console has also appeared on ShopTo where the retailer is selling the Glacier White PlayStation 4 for £349.85.

Recently, a white console was announced by Sony as a DriveClub bundle back in September. Back then, the Japan based company had announced that they will be releasing the racing simulation with two different bundles i.e. the PlayStation 4 Player Bundle (with standard console) and the Glacier White PlayStation 4 bundle.

Moreover, the price quoted for the standalone version of the console sounds a little misplaced as the DriveClub bundle is also available for £350.

Either way, it is pretty cool news as almost all of the 10 million PS4s that have been sold to date have been black. I am sure many of the fans would be eyeing the Glacier White PlayStation 4. However, do tell us if you plan to get it separately or with DriveClub.