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PayDay: The Heist Will be Free to Download On Oct. 16

The popular co-op shooter from Overkill Software, PayDay: The Heist will be free to download from Steam for 24 hours, starting Thursday Oct. 16, 10 A.M. PT.

Previously, developers announced that the game will be free on Oct. 18, but now they have moved up the final date by a couple of days. If you purchase the game during this time, then you will be able to keep it for lifetime.

PayDay: The Heist was appreciated by the players due to its awesome gun play mechanics that brought fun to the heists.

The game’s biggest feature is co-op and to survive for a longer period of time and complete certain objectives, you will need the help of other players.

The game initially had six missions and then the developers added one more for free. Each mission of the game contains some unique elements that alter every time you replay, keeping the gameplay fresh for the players.

To level up, you will have to spend a lot of time in the game with your friends, and with each success you will get money that will help you gain new skills and weapons.

Be ready to download PayDay: The Heist from Steam on Oct. 16, 10 A.M. Pacific Time.