Motion Controls Saints Row: The Cooler Was Once A Thing

Were you waiting for a Saints Row game with motion controls? Well, according to Unseen64, a game site that specializes on lost projects, there once was something called Saints Row: The Cooler.

Now defunct publisher THQ started the project in 2010. There was a version planned for Xbox 360, which used Kinect, as well as a Playstation 3 version with the Move peripheral.

Apparently, THQ was shopping the Saints Row property around, because it wasn’t Volition working on the game, but Heavy Iron Studios. Given that house has worked on games like the awful Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse or Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two on Wii U, maybe it’s best it never saw the light of day.

Saints Row: The Cooler wasn’t an open world title like the other games in the franchise. Instead, players would go through a series of locations from the first two games and fight people with motion controls.

Aside from the punching and kicking mechanisms, there would’ve also been mini-games. Saints Row: The Cooler would offer poker or even lap dances to players.

Originally, Saints Row: The Cooler was set for release in mid-2011. THQ axed the project six months in, after noting quality concerns.

Until then, the developer had already managed to climb up to 60% completion. A team of 40 people were put on the game.

Later, Saints Row: The Cooler elements were repurposed and used in another motion control title from THQ, UFC Personal Trainer. It’s not exactly the pinnacle of motion control games, but it did manage to get some decent ratings.

Saints Row: The Cooler received its subtitle from its main character, which would be sent in to “cool off” situations.