League of Legends Refer-A-Friend System Being Misused, Riot Bringing Changes

Riot on its official website has revealed that Refer a Friend feature of League of Legends is being misused by a lot of players and to stop that, they are going to bring in some new changes.

The ongoing refer a friend system wants the players to refer 25 friends to receive Grey Warwick skin and 50 for Medieval Twitch. These requirements are pretty high which is why players are creating new accounts to get the mentioned bonuses.

Riot noted on its website:

In the past, RAF botting mostly took place in private custom games, where players’ experiences weren’t affected. However, we’ve recently seen bot usage swell in volume and spill into places like new player games and into game modes like Dominion.

Most of League of Legends’ community refers between one to five friends and the upcoming system will only serve these players.

You will be able to unlock Grey Warwick skin upon referring three recruits and referring five players will unlock Medieval Twitch. When each of your referred friend hits Level 10, you will be awarded with 1000 IP.

However, the players who come up with the dramatically high number of referrals will not be awarded anything, as noted by Riot.

For more information on this upcoming update, visit League of Legends official website.