FIFA 15 Title Update for PS4 and Xbox One is Now Live

FIFA 15 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 has received its first title update, which brings several changes to the game and fixes some issues that were bothering the players.

However, the stuttering problems are still going on in some versions, to which EA has responded by saying:

We believe we have made progress in our on-going investigation of the stuttering issues currently affecting a small percentage of PS4 users. If you’re affected by this issue please you can help us with our investigation by providing details to @EASPORTSFIFA on Twitter.

The update fixes Career Mode’s “search by name” which was not functioning properly for some players. Furthermore, latency indicator has been added to FIFA 15 Ultimate Team, which will allow fans to see their connection’s health before playing online.

Some PS4 and Xbox One players reported that the post match menus are not coming up, which is stopping their progress; this issue has also been fixed.

Another patch fixes hospitality upgrades in both Pro Clubs and Career mode. Also, switching between different kick-takers has been made more stable.

In addition to the aforementioned changes and fixes, some small adjustments have also been brought into FIFA 15 with this new update; you can catch up on all the patch notes right here.