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Drifting Lands Free Steam Demo Mixes Shoot ‘Em Up With Hack And Slash

A side-scrolling shooter called Drifting Lands popped its head up on Steam. A free demo of it is currently available of download ahead of release, as the project is said to still be very much in development.

So, what makes this better than the average shoot ‘em up? Well, Drifting Lands tries to shake things up a bit by moving towards other genres, in this case hack and slash elements.

At the start, it’s possible to select a set of skills to get across two different stages. More so than alternate weapons in other shooters, however, these special have more of a roleplaying game (RPG) feel.

For instance, it’s possible to do an area of effect blast that scorches all enemies around the ship. Other skills include putting up a momentary shield that reflects damage or the casting of a healing spell.

There are a few of these things that can be selected right now, but Drifting Lands wants to eventually become more than what the demo represents. As development continues, it wants to fully transition to a hack and slash adaptation.

There will be an inventory that opens up a loot system.  Different ships builds will become available. There’s even crafting planned, as well as randomly generated levels.

Right now, Drifting Lands already looks spot-on with bright and clean visuals and soothing tones, as well as flash that isn’t all up on the screen, like most shooters. Additionally, the gameplay is quite challenging.

The demo for Drifting Lands will be updated periodically and will eventually serve as the game’s secondary free-to-play version.