Dragon Age Inquisition Trailer Shows The Hero Of Thedas

Dragon Age Inquisition releases next month; and in the past year or so BioWare has done a stunning job of keeping us so interested in the game that we are looking for more every time. Today they have released a new trailer titled the Hero of Thedas.

This is your story; this is who you are and what your mission is!

“For almost a thousand years the world believed it was in the hands of the maker; and now many believe you are the agent of his will. Whatever the truth is, that belief gives you power.”

The trailer is theatrical and shows off elements of combat while continually trying to introduce you to the world where the Inquisitor has to form a hold. It shows how much faith is being put into your character meaning how big the task at hand is.

Obviously the visuals are stunning and nothing but impressive. However, you might want to check it out yourself. Maybe you will find something new about what awaits you.

Dragon Age Inquisition is being developed for PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3 and PS4 it will be released on November 18 in US and on November 21 in Europe.