Dismember People With Mechs In Free Beyond Flesh and Blood Demo

There’s a demo out now for Beyond Flesh and Blood that you may want to go download for free, if you’re into the third person shooter thing. It lets you blast around an apocalyptic landscape with a giant mech.

More specifically, Beyond Flesh and Blood is set in a dystopian Manchester, where mutants and robots have been mucking up the place. Therefore, society has been diverted to an orbital station at the Earth’s atmosphere.

To reclaim the planet, it’s up to the player to hop into a Tactical Combat Frame, which is a walking, shooting, mechanized version of a person. In the demo, you’ll be able to get your hands on the pre-alpha state of Beyond Flesh and Blood.

There will be a special level to “examine the CG and playability,” after which gameplay will go to Manchester for an introduction to the actual game. There should be about an hour of content.

So far, Beyond Flesh and Blood doesn’t look half bad. Aside from some low budget animation rigging, there is quite a big world with several mech builds, jetpacks and lots of lasers and other projectiles going around.

Blasting others with a set of weapons is nice, but our favorite right now is a powerful stomp move. In particular, the stomp is quite juicy when there’s a rebel underfoot.

Beyond Flesh and Blood even rewards this sort of barbarism. Points are attributed for certain killing methods, which includes the dismemberment of people.

It’s possible to preorder the game for a reduced price on the site. Developer Pixelbomb Games already managed to get their project through Steam Greenlight.

Currently, Beyond Flesh and Blood is headed to PC later this year, while an Xbox One and Playstation 4 version is planned for 2015.