Abyss Odyssey Patch Adds Online PvP, Game Half Off

Developer Ace Team has rolled out a sizable update for Abyss Odyssey, their stylish roguelike that was released this summer. Its most important addition is a player versus player (PvP) mode that will join the online options.

You’ll be able to go head to head with two players online. While you wait for your opposition, games with artificial intelligence (AI) opponents will be available for practice. Local sessions can now also support teams and AI enemies.

Additionally, the net code has been adjusted to take care of some lag issues. This should come in handy with the new online mode.

Abyss Odyssey is a side-scrolling brawler that allows players to defeat enemies with unique move sets and add them to a playable roster. With the update, it will now be possible to transform in mid-air or during combos.

There are further technical tweaks applied, such as improved turning, which can be critical when caught in between enemies. Knockout weight and collision dynamics have been adjusted as well.

Enemies will now parry better. Path finding has been improved for AI as well. It’s quite the reshaping.

If you’re coming back from a complete run in Abyss Odyssey, you’ll be able to find two new achievements.

Being the roguelike that it is, Abyss Odyssey has procedurally generated content. Even more special; the more the game is beaten by the community at large, the more content is unlocked in the game.

To celebrate this latest patch, Abyss Odyssey is currently running half off on Steam.