Xbox One Horror Title Nevermind will Get Tougher if You’re Stressed

With The Evil Within being released only recently, the air is all about horror titles and so industry veteran Erin Reynolds idea of a horror title seems like a good idea. The game is titled Nevermind and is being pitched on Kickstarter right now.

The most interesting part of the title is the gameplay element where your anxiety and stress play an integral part in the hardships the game puts you through. Developers want to make use of Kinect on Xbox One to catch your responses and judge how terrified you are:

As you explore surreal labyrinths and solve the puzzles of the mind, a biofeedback sensor monitors how scared or stressed you become with each passing moment. If you let your fears get the best of you, the game becomes harder. If you’re able to calm yourself in the face of terror, the game will be more forgiving.

The game is going to put you inside the mind of a traumatic person and you will have to solve environmental puzzles to ace the situation.

However, you have to be cautious, the patient in Nevermind isn’t a very cooperative one because his ‘mind doesn’t take kindly to those who attempt to peel back these layers, often prompting it to lash out in terrifying, unexpected ways.’

As of now, the Xbox One version of the game is only a hope of the developers; they are looking for the correct amount of funds to make the thing happen on Xbox One complete with the Kinect 2.0 support.

Would a game like Nevermind, or Nevermind itself, attract your attention enough? Do you want to see the game released on Xbox One?