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Xbox Live Rewards Members Getting Exclusive Benefits From Microsoft Store

Microsoft is offering exclusive pre-order items and bonuses for Xbox Live Rewards members who purchase from the Microsoft Store.

Pre-ordering an Xbox 360 or Xbox One title from the official Microsoft Store will earn you 15,000 reward credits. Compared to the non-Reward members, this is 5,000 more credits and translates to $15 for each game. Pre-ordering any game right now also will entitle you to a $10 gift card in the Store or $10 on Xbox Live.

In addition to that, Microsoft is also offering rewards based on games. Pre-ordering Halo: The Master Chief collection from the store will net players real-life objects. We’re talking a “My Other Car is a Warthog” license plate frame, a Master Chief window decal, and a “Boom” Skull in the game for Halo 2: Anniversary company that will unlock 2x explosion physics.

Likewise, pre-ordering Sunset Overdrive will get you two melee weapons for use in the game – Acordes de la Muerte and The Hangover. There’s also a white controller holder, but that comes only for those who order the Xbox One Special Edition Sunset Overdrive Bundle.

Finally the company also announced that Microsoft Stores would be giving a $100 credit towards the purchase of an Xbox One. All consumers have to do is trade-in either their Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 console.

From the official announcement, it seems like Microsoft is pushing this promotion for the upcoming Holiday season only. It’s unknown whether the company plans to go along with this reward program in the new year or not.

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