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White Standalone PS4 Coming to UK, According to Amazon

Since its launch last year, PS4 has been a huge success for Sony and according to the company PS4 has sold more than 10 million consoles.

If we skip those PS4 white bundles, 10 million figure includes a majority of jet black consoles. But now, in order to get your hands on a beautiful glacier white PS4 console, you won’t have to purchase a bundle. If a listing on Amazon UK is to be believed then Sony will soon be launching a standalone PS4 system in the region.

According to the listing, the white standalone PS4 will feature a standard 500GB hard drive and is priced at £351.86. The console is coming out in UK starting October 17.

White PS4 was first released as part of Destiny bundle while another one is coming out bundled with the highly anticipated Far Cry 4.

We are yet to hear anything official from Sony regarding this offer but we will keep you updated. Also, there is no news of white PS4 making its way to other regions.

Source: Amazon