Star Citizen Gets 10 Minute Long Gameplay Demo at CitizenCon 2014

Chris Roberts from Cloud Imperium Games shared some exciting gameplay footage from the highly anticipated Star Citizen. The Star Citizen universe is massive and it takes around 30 million miles to get from one planet to the other.

The footage in question here is in-engine and was shared with the fans attending CitizanCon 2014.

The game is being developed with the use of the CryEngine which really helped bring the whole space and planets to life. After landing on a certain planet and going through a checkpoint, the footage takes the players into shop located inside a plaza area.

By landing on planets like these you can use their resources in order to repair your ship. Also, these are good places for trade or pick up missions.

The game has raised a ton of money through crowdfunding and all that money is being put to good use by the devs as the game looks impressive and exciting. Still, Star Citizen is a bit far from being finished, till then check out the video above, it might be able to help with the wait.