Sony Removes Bloodborne Videos Showing Secret Areas

From Software had allegedly let through a secret area in the alpha testing of Bloodborne which allowed players to get a sneak peek at several story elements, including a boss and a mini-boss.

Shortly after, a video was released online that showed this secret area and what it had to offer. Some players expressed distaste to it, stating how it had potentially ruined their gameplay experience with spoilers. Sony likewise was not amused and used a copyright claim to shut the video down.

That video however, is now available for everyone to see, thanks to a recording made by YouTube user ‘The Marcelus.’ Be warned though, the video does contain plenty of spoilers. You might not relate to them right away but when playing the game, you will realize at one point what’s in store in the future.

It’s possible that this was the main reason Sony decided to delay the beta for October 5 on the very last day and that too for unknown reasons.

Clearly the company did not want to point out the story leaks. People usually just go ahead and see them through, but ultimately end up destroying what could had been an interesting gameplay experience.

Bloodborne is scheduled to release in Japan on February 5, 2015 and a day later in the west.