Mortal Kombat X Is Getting Its Own Comic Series

In New York, during Comic Con DC has announced a series of comics based on Mortal Kombat X. The digital exclusive comic series will be made available starting January 2015.

The cover page will be provided by Ivan Reis, the famous DC artist. The story of the this comic will take readers between the events in Mortal Kombat game released back in 2011 and the upcoming Mortal Kombat X.

Shawn Kittelsen will be teaming with Daxter Soy to take up the responsibilities of writers. According to Kittelsen, the story will stay true to the universe showcased in Mortal Kombat and they have a plethora of characters from the history of this franchise to work with.

So, we can expect some familiar faces along with some new ones featured in this comic series.

In related news, Wonder Woman will also be getting a digital exclusive comic series in the form of Wonder Women 77. The story will be done by Marc Andreyko while cover art will be worked on by Nicola Scott, famous for her work of Secret Six and Birds and Pray. First of six chapters of Wonder Women 77 will be available in December.