Hellblade: New Dev Diary Shows World Design and Gameplay

Hellblade has received a brand new developer diary that brings us more details about the storyline, gameplay mechanics and most importantly, a first glimpse at the game’s world.

So far whatever work Ninja Theory has put into making this title has been nothing short of amazing. Every screenshot released so far has been a visual treat and thanks to the latest video, the game’s world design also looks spectacular.

In fact when you come to know that it has been designed by just one person, that spectacular just simply transitions into awe.

The video explains on this fact, as to how Ninja Theory has always stuck to having multiple designers and artists for world designs on other AAA games but ended up with just a single person to do the same job for Hellblade.

The decision was taken in line with the game’s limited budget and the developer hopes it has done well to offer the quality of work which is expected from them. Hellblade has seemingly gone through a lot of constraints due to limited funding.

Seeing the game’s progress so far, it almost makes you wonder about what could had been if there were no financial constraints. Over the weekend it was confirmed that Hellblade will not feature any co-op or AI companions.

Much work has been put into making its storyline rich and “very personal.” That said, the story script is still not finalized and is in development phase. The first actual gameplay footage for Hellblade is scheduled for release in early 2015.