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Gran Turismo 7: “ Vision is To Do Everything We Couldn’t With GT6” Says Dev

What features did you miss while playing Gran Turismo 6? The good news is, the developers don’t want you to be missing out on them in Gran Turismo 7.

The team working on Gran Turismo 7 wants to make sure they ‘do everything they couldn’t do in GT 6.’
According to creator Kazunori Yamauchi they have some interesting plans for the next installment in the series and he is going to do everything which was not possible with the previous installment.

For GT7, myself and my staff have a clear vision: to do everything we couldn’t do in GT6, We want to make it very Gran Turismo. By that I mean it’s going to be a game that matches the very era that we live in, in 2015 or 2016.

He also stated that working on the PS3 was very difficult and according to him, PS4 hardware will make a significant difference while developing Gran Turismo 7.

Everything will be running naturally, PS3 was much, much more difficult. The high quality of data that we have being rendered on the PS4 I think is going to make an incredible difference.

Obviously, PS4 hardware is expected to be much more capable to deliver an amazing Gran Turismo experience and being fans of this long running series, we are not expecting anything less!

If you look at Yamauchi’s comments again, he stated that the game will look similar to the era we are living in, 2015 or 2016. So, is that an indication that we might be seeing the game in 2015 or early 2016 too?

What do you think? Also, what features would to like to see the GT 7? Let us know in the comments below!