Destiny Vault of Glass Finished by 472K Players, Attempted by 2 Million!

Being the only raid that the game has, Destiny Vault of Glass has been the topic of discussion for more than a few times lately. However, now it seems like the raid is pretty much dealt with by the players as hoards upon hoards of Guardians have successfully completed it.

According to a report by Kotaku, a total of 472,082 players have already completed the raid (on normal difficulty) by taking down the final boss. This total is actually one fourth of the total number of people who attempted the raid. To be exact, 1,970,807 people tested their skills.

On to the hardcore guys out there, a total of 36,181 people have also managed to complete the raid on Hard.

Now just to give you a flashback, the first time when Destiny Vault of Glass was ever completed by a team, it had taken them 10 hours, 42 minutes and exactly 1606 deaths. They did manage to rake in 5733 kills but that too show how much of a hard nut this raid is.

Comparing that to what has been happening recently I must say that players have come a long way. For instance, last week a team of only three players also managed to complete the raid successfully.

In my opinion this has more to do with familiarity than mastery. Do you agree? Leave your opinions in the comments below!

Destiny Vault of Glass has been live since September 16 and is only the first of [hopefully] a large number of raids that the game will have. So far, Bungie has not revealed details or schedule about the future raids.