Bayonetta 2 Review Roundup Shows Astounding Remarks!

After months on months of discussions, rumors and more, we have finally inched close enough to Bayonetta 2 for the critics to review it and share their impressions. Rejoice!

As expected, in the recent months this is probably the only game to have achieved so many perfect or nearly perfect scores. With praises ranging from things like ‘expertly constructed’ combat and even Wii U’s ‘first true classic,’ it is surely on the path to greater achievements.

However, there are [rather scarce] negative opinions about the game too. In one case for instance it has been criticized for having an over sexualized protagonist. Nevertheless, we leave you with a round up on the reviews so that you can make up your mind yourself.


Bayonetta 2 released in Japan as a Wii U exclusive title on September 20, the game is now heading towards the western markets with release dates landing on October 24 for North America and European Union; Australia gets it on October 25.

If you are in Japan and have played the game, would you like to share your impressions with the brothers-in-arms still waiting for the release?

Also, as opposed to some critics who have taken the sexualized protagonist for being a letdown, don’t you think Bayonetta looks just perfect now?